Just add milk + butter

Our mug cakes are simple to put together from food staples. All you need to do is add butter to a coffee mug and melt then mix the sachet into the mug and add milk.

Pop it in the microwave

Mix thoroughly until you get the perfect consistency and with will power of steel try not to dip in and lick our delicious mug cake batter. Microwave on full whack and allow to cool. 

Tuck in & enjoy

Enjoy straight from the mug. Top with ice cream or whipped cream and fresh berries and enjoy!

The Perfect Size for One

instant cake!

Just add milk + butter

irresistibly good - irresistibly easy

Once is not enough!

share the love with our refill packs

It's Quick and Convenient

irresistibly good - irresistibly easy


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We were surprised how good it was especially since we "baked" it in the microwave. My son and I enjoyed it very much. Also, I absolutely love the mug. It's now my morning go-to cup.

Scott Porter

A very satisfying chocolate fix for the chocolate lover. It is moister than any other microwave baked cake I've tried. Everything was as described the cake in the microwave is great! Just like if you baked in a oven.

Donna Rahn

A simple and convenient way to enjoy a delicious and satisfying home made treat. It was soft, moist, and tasty. I am not one who has time to bake but I do enjoy a warm baked treat, esp when topped w some ice cream. Great idea.

Jessica Senetti