About Us

Bev had an idea...

I am an English-Ghanaian born in the UK I come from a lineage of bakers, my Great Grandma and Grandma both had baking businesses in Ghana. And as a I child I saw my mum bake delicious cake and I learned how to bake from her. I guess it's in our blood.

In particular I have always loved and non iced freshly baked, cake that's still warm where the quality of the cake speaks for itself, all substance no style. But, as much as I love baking, I never have the time so, I needed to find a way to keep my family's baking legacy alive.

So I decided I wanted to create a super-convenient cake that still gives the full baked from scratch experience but with a less hassle, that's when I became obsessed with Mug cakes. I started making my own mug cake recipes and handing out mixes as party favours at Birthdays, then more and more people started to request them and Mug Made was born.

Mug Made has huge potential and I know it will be
extremely popular, particularly for the convenience retail sector. We have a strong, cool, distinctive brand that is proudly black owned, championing diversity.

The product stands out from competitor cake mixes, suiting a wide range of abilities and is easy to make at lunchtime in the office or as an after school treat for the kids.

I’m confident families, students and busy professionals will find the
product simple, quick to use and delicious. Mug Made is all about convenience, great high quality ingredients and an amazing taste experience.

Our Cakes...

Our DNA at Mug Made is all about convenience, great ingredients and an amazing taste experience. As consumers become increasingly busy, we felt it was important to create a super-convenient product. 

Inside one little mug, we've gathered all the ingredients you need to create your very own warm, delicious, indulgent mug cake - in just minutes. 

Mug Made is a time saving mug cake mix that still gives the full baked from scratch experience but with a little less hassle. 

These flavour packed, decadent treats are on a mission to spread gourmet mug cake love to every street, home and person creating one mug cake lover at a time. 

They're fun, fast, irresistibly good and irresistibly easy. 

Make it anywhere, and enjoy it everywhere!